Rogue One Trailer Review


Rogue One Trailer Review Consensus

As of late summer of 2016, Star Wars Rogue One has had two different trailers. The initial teaser trailer was released in April to a mostly positive reception. There wasn't much shown off, but there was plenty of classic imagery such as AT-AT walker vehicles included to help draw in existing franchise fans. Some of the film's cast, including Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso, were also given some time to shine.

The movie's intended war-centric tone was also heavily emphasized. While many felt worried that a new Star Wars film being released so soon is overkill, the overall fan reaction found among innumerable Rogue One trailer reviews was that of considerable excitement. 
rogue one star wars castSome of the early buzz began to die off however. It wasn't long before reports indicated that Rogue One was undergoing serious reshoots to help steer the tone into something more familiar to the other Star Wars films. Any time you hear such things about a movie, it's almost never a good sign.

Just take the recent Suicide Squad for instance. That movie was also subjected to several reshoots and edits, and the end product has been panned across the board despite still bringing in plenty of money at the box office. 
More footage and imagery of the film has been released across various media platforms throughout the summer. Around the beginning of August, a more realized theatrical trailer aired during the 2016 Summer Olympics. It was also released online. As with every major trailer these days, it was subject to the highest scrutiny from various movie review sites, Youtube personalities, and blogs. Overall, the latest Rogue One trailer reviews have been just as positive as with the first teaser, especially given the first hint at Darth Vader's appearance. The film is set to finally hit theaters on the 16th of December.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Plot

Same as previous Star Wars movies, this one too features characters developed by George Lucas. What makes Rogue One full movie differ from the rest of the franchise is that the idea for its plot came from the mind of visual effects supervisor John Knoll, a whole decade ago. The premise of the movie is that a group of Rebel spies is going on a mission deep into enemy’s territory to steal important plans.

The favorite Star Wars villain, Dart Vader appears in the movie, but the main bad guy is called Orson Krennic. He is the man in charge of developing the Death Star, a new superweapon of the Galactic Empire. The movie plot is set in the time before the construction of the Death Star, which is the period between the events depicted in Star Wars Episodes III and IV.

Where to Watch Rogue One?

You can either watch the movie in cinemas or from your home. Either way, you will have to wait a bit longer as the worldwide release of Rogue One full movie is scheduled for December 16. Shortly after that, the movie stream should become available online.